We buy and remove premises constructed from old wood

Our company buys old wood from the demolition of barns, granaries, houses and mills.
We mainly look for old upholstery boards from barns, but we also buy non-painted floor boards, hand-hewn beams and beams from a demolition of barns.
Our company can perform a disassembly of old boards or pick up old wood disassembled by the owner; there is also the possibility of replacing old boards with new upholstery boards.
We will start a cooperation with companies specializing in demolition works and acquiring old wood from buildings.
We purchase timber from demolition throughout the country.
If you are interested in selling old wood, please send photos of buildings for demolition.

Wood purchase
Wood transportation
Wood processing

Our services

We provide the highest quality services in the field of demolition, transport and processing of old wood. We invite you to use our services.


We provide clients with comprehensive demolition with due diligence while maintaining safety rules.


We are open to establishing long-term cooperation with suppliers of old wood throughout the country, as well as with companies that recover them in demolition and dismantling processes.


As part of our comprehensive service, we also offer transport services regardless of your location.


The products that you will find in our company's wide range come only from the original wood, and thanks to reliable and precise processing, we display its noble appearance, warm character, to enjoy again the eyes of future generations.

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